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This is our first year with a demonstration plot in this new location.  It is also our first year farming this small piece of land.  I took my DJI Phantom out this afternoon to get an aerial view of the plot and saw some interesting things about the land from above.  On the south end of the field you will notice a line through all the varieties where there is an marked difference on each side of it.

Viewing fields from above also gives an interesting look at dry down and field moisture that you can’t really get by walking through individual rows.

These pictures were taken today, just a day after the major wind storm we had.  Kulm and the surrounding area had sustained high winds for several days that put severe stress on the crops and caused some damage.  The winds were strong enough to knock metal poles over that were two feet deep into the ground!

About Peter Schott

I'm a 4th generation farmer who was born and raised in Kulm, North Dakota. I have been involved in all aspects of farm operation but currently serve as the manager of our seed sales operation, which has been in business since 1976. My greatest joy in life comes from the Lord, who is my strength. He has blessed me with a beautiful wife (Julie), and two daughters! There is a growing need to tell the story of family farming for those who are not as fortunate as us to live here. I am proud to be a voice who shares the story both of our farm and of countless others who work tirelessly to feed the world.

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