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What a year!

November 2, 2013 by Peter

Lara loves the farm!As I was writing the remaining thank you cards for my customers today, I spent some time reflecting on the year we have had here in our area. Last winter we were worried about a drought – there was little snow on the ground, and the crops had used much of the ground moisture in 2012. Then the dry winter changed as we received a large amount of snow later on. This brought a new concern of when growers would get into the field to plant! Fortunately we were able to get the crops in the ground, only to find that the weather had plans to withhold rain for more than one month. Things were drying up fast and not looking to improve.

In addition we had major wind storms and heat to put more stress on the crops…the fields needed rain. Ironically we did receive rain, right about when everyone wanted to start harvesting. At that point the rain became a blessing for next year, and a curse for trying to get this year’s crops off the fields. Growers alternated between beans and corn, wishing they had planted more wheat. Then a brief snow came, followed by more rain…

DCIM161GOPROI’ve heard growers say they just want a “normal” year. To which I respond, “What would that look like?” Each year is a new adventure faced with many challenges, trials, moments of joy, and filled with many hours of hard work.

As I seed seller, I look at my role with great joy and a heavy burden. Growers partner with me and entrust their livelihood on the recommendations I make and the products I bring to the market. I in turn trust the producers I work with to provide quality products so we can all be successful. It’s a great circle of trust, communication, and (at times!) frustration when things don’t go as planned. ┬áBut I remain grateful for my customers – for the trust they give each time they work with us to plan another year.

Here’s to a wonderful 2014! As we close the chapter on this year, we look forward to a new crop season with anticipation.

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